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Reflection of Kilmainham Jail


Our field trip to the Kilmainham Jail in Dublin has been my favorite historical site so far. I was able to get a better handle on Irish history and also relate some of it back to what we have been talking about in class. I’m really glad I got the chance to research it before we visited because our tour guide Rourie added in personal stories that I wasn’t able to find in my research. Being at this jail that played such an important role in the Irish independence was really intense. I got to see for myself exactly where the leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising were held. I was also touched by all the personal stories Rourie told us, like the story of the brothers William and Patrick Pearce. By hearing these stories I got a better sense of how these men became martyrs and how they played a huge role in the Irish independence movement.

In my groups presentation we touched a little bit on social control, but it was hard to understand how by just looking at pictures. Being at the jail and seeing where the prisoners where held, I got a better understanding of how the guards exerted social control over the inmates. The room was an oval shape with cells lined along the walls. Prisoners could only see out the front of the cell and could never know if they were being watched by the guards or not. Also food was used as a form of social control. The solitary confinement cells were down below in the basement which is also where the kitchen was and these prisoners had to smell the hot meals knowing that they only get 1 portion of bread and water a day. To know Anne Devlin, the housekeeper of Robert Emmet was kept down in one of those cells for 2 years is so sad. But it is also honorable that Anne resisted their social control by never giving up any information. I also found it fascinating that in the early years of the jail, hangings were done over the front door of the jail so the public could see. This is another type of social control because having the public witness executions discourages them from breaking the law.

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Week 1: Trip to Irish Heritage Park and Johnstown Castle

On Tuesday we took a trip to the Irish Heritage Park and Johnstown Castle. I really enjoyed this trip and even got a sense of the landscape and the setting of the Vikings in relation to the epic poem Beowulf. Walking around the heritage park I was able to get a good sense and timeline of the irish history. I really enjoyed the seeing the repilca of the Viking ship looking out into the water because I was really able to get a mental image of Beowulf and the Geats sailing to help the Danes in one of these ships. We have also seen a few “Big Houses” which are houses built a long time ago for the wealthy, like the Tighes mansion in Woodstock. Seeing these mansions and their architecture I can almost get a sense of what Heorot might have looked like.

I love living in waterford becaus i feel like i am getting the true Irish experience. It is small town but all the people here are very friendly and enjoy talking to us. The town itself is very irish with all the colorful houses. Also the castles and churches in this town are very old and have been built with traditional irish architecture. While talking to the people in the town I can see how the Irish culture is passionate about literature and fine arts. I have found that the Irish particurlary love poetry and music. It seems that they have a poem or song about every little town or historic event. In Dr. Keeley’s Irish Culture class he taught us some of these poems and songs. An Irish poem that I particurlary liked is:

I am of Ireland/ And of the holy land of Ireland/ Good Sir, I beg of thee,/ For sake of charity/ Come and dance with me/ In Ireland

So far my experience in Ireland has been amazing. I would have to say though my favorite part so far was friday night in Dublin. My friend Alley works with a guy back in Statesboro whose mother lives right outside of Dublin, so she got in touch with her and we met them out at a little pub called the Blue Light. When we got there we found out that this pub is actually Bono from U2’s favorite pub and that the guys from Journey, Whitesnake and Def Leopard were at that pub last week. Laura’s husband was playing in a band at the pub that night so we got to hang out with them. It was the most Irish experience we’ve had so far because we were in the mountains away from all the touristy pubs and got to meet and talk to some authentic Irish country people. They were so nice and interesting to talk to. I had so much fun that night! I have learned so much about Irish culture first hand and I have seen so many beautiful things. I can’t wait to see what the next weeks have in store.


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SOCI 3950: Week 1 Reading Questions



Reading Response:

Tom Inglis- Ch. 5 from “Moral Monopoly”

  1. I was unfamiliar with the Penal Laws before coming to Ireland, so this was something new to me. ” The laws were an attempt by the Protestant ascendancy to maintain its position by making the Catholics a servile caste.” Basically these laws deprived the Catholics of all civil life. I found the aim of these laws very interesting. The laws restricted education to make sure the Irish Catholics would remain and “ignorant savage.”
  2. Something that was really surprising to me was the poorness of the Irish Catholic Church. There is quote on page 100 that really struck me “They worship in hovels, or in the open air, from the want of any place of worship. Their religion is the religion of three-fourths of the population. Not far off, in a well-windowed and well-roofed house, is a well-paid protestant clergyman…furious against the errors of Popery. This also goes back to what Dr. McClure was telling us in class about these Mass Rocks where people went to practice Catholicism made illegal by the Penal Laws. Inglis goes on to explain the importance of these Mass Rocks and other obscure worshipping sites so we can understand the “enormous demoralisation” of the penal laws and why the Catholic Church later spent so much money, time and effort building churches.

Patsy McGarry- Ch.2 “The Rise and Fall of Roman Catholicism in Ireland”

  1. The Famine statistics were very surprising and new to me. The fact that the Famine cut the population from about 8 million people to 4 million. There were many shifts in landholdings in the rural poor during this time and I had no idea that these changes in land drastically changed their attitude about sexuality and family. They no longer divided the land between all the sons, now the oldest son got it all so this meant that the number of children had to be limited.
  2. I was surprised at how much influence the Catholic Church had on these families relating to sex. McGarry says the sermons of the Irish Catholic clergy seemed to be dominated by sex for over 120 years. between poverty and Chasity the marriage rates plummeted during this time. The Famine seemed to have affected all aspects of Irish family life all the way down to marriage and birth rates.

Tom Inglis- Ch. 1-2 in “Global Ireland: Same Difference”

  1. I had no idea that Ireland is identified as one of the most globalized societies in the world. Inglis points out that most people would think of Ireland as a country of devout Catholics who like to “live simple, humble lives.” I think he is absolutely correct, thats pretty much my thoughts of Ireland before coming here. I would never have thought of as the “most globalized society in the world.”
  2. One thing i found interesting is when Inglis was explaining the “sameness and difference” idea. I found a quote that was really fascinating when he was expaining why the Irish are different. “The absence of physical affection, an obsession with sex, and an emphasis on self-denial have been central to what makes the Irish different. It is the source of their imagination, their humor, self-presentation, conversation, literature, art, and music.” I love this because I have found it true and have had the chance to see this myself. The Irish are very passionate about the fine arts, this is evident whether they are at the pubs or just walking around the town. Almost every night there is a local band playing at one of the pubs, during the day there are all sorts of people on the street just playing instruments. This is one of the things I love about Ireland and I understand that this passion does make them different.
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Top Ten Things I learned in PRCA 2330

Professor Nixon has taught me so much about world public relations and how to succeed in this profession. Here is the top 10 most important things I learned in her intro to PR class.

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UGA Professor one of “America’s Most Wanted”

Marketing professor George Zinkhan is still on the loose after killing three people at community theater near downtown Athens on Saturday afternoon. The three victims include Marie Bruce (Zinkhan’s wife), Ben Teague, and Thomas Cole Tanner. Police issued a nationwide search for Zinkhan. Today he was added to the America’s Most Wanted list. This is a very tragic situation especially for it to happen in college town like Athens, Georgia. My sister and many of my friends attend UGA, while talking to a few of them they told me just how scary Saturday was. I think The University of Georgia did a very good job in response to this incident. All the student got a text message from the university’s alert system. However, it was interesting to here that it took a little longer than normal to get the message out because the alert goes to all faculty and staff, and since Zinkhan is a professor, the university was trying to figure out how to remove his name from the alert list.

I can’t believe that this happened so close to home. You always here about shootings on the news but never think it could happen anywhere near you or your loved ones. My sister’s apartment is just one street over from the theater where it happened, so i shocked and very concerned when she called to tell me about it. She also told me that there is a heavy presence of police on campus everyday walking around with assault rifles. I think it is good that Athens and the surrounding counties are still taking this very seriously even days after the incident occurred. They have been doing a great job keeping their citizens protected, which makes me feel a lot better because I don’t know what I would do if something ever happened to my sister!

* Read more at UGA’s newspaper Red and Black

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Who Knew PR was such a Popular Topic for TV Episodes?

b0002pys7y01_sclzzzzzzz_1In PRCA 2330 class yesterday we watched an episode from an old 70’s TV show, WKRP in Cincinnati. This episode showed exactly how NOT to put on a publicity promotion. While watching this episode in class, it reminded me of an episode of my favorite TV show Arrested Development. This show is a comedy about a formerly wealthy family, that is completely dysfunctional. After the father of the family was arrested for embezzling money from the family company. The only sane one of the family his son, Michael Bluth, is trying to piece back together his insane family and save the company.

In this particular episode “Arrested Development” :: “Public Relations”, The Bluth family has been getting a lot of bad press in the media. So Michael Bluth hires a publicist in a effort to save the family name. The episode goes through humorous situations where each member of the family is assigned a task to save their image, which of course all go completely wrong. The main problems in this episode however, ironically have to do with the publicist.  She acts completely inappropriate by hitting on Michael Bluth and when he turns her down, she uses her media influence against the family by planting a nasty and critical article about the Bluth family in the newspaper. The publicist obviously breaks many rules in the PRSA Code of Conduct and does not act in a professional manner.

Watch “Arrested Development” :: “Public Relations” for free on Hulu!

This is a very funny episode that raises some ethical questions about PR professionals like:

  1. Do PR professionals have too much power and influence over the media?
  2. How many PR professionals have used their influence in the media to destroy someones reputation?
  3. Are there any legal consequences for PR practitioners keeping them from using their power and influence for their own revenge?
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Swim Club = 2009 “Club Of The Year”

n1123680047_30163107_1763I have been a swimmer since I was a little kid. My parents put me and my siblings on a neighborhood summer league team at age 5 and I have loved it ever since. I started on a year around team when I turned 7 and have been competitively swimming ever since. In high school my life was completely consumed by swimming, practices everyday, meets almost every weekend was the norm for my sister and I. I love swimming but I realized that it had taken over my life, so I decided to retire the racing suit and goggles and enjoy the rest of my high school. I became the head coach for that same neighborhood team I was swimming for since age 5 and loved teaching other kids the basics of swimming. When I arrived at Georgia Southern I saw banners for the swim club and decided to join. I have been a part of the GSU swim club since freshman year and love it.

What I love most about the swim club here at Georgia Southern is the laid back vibe. I didn’t want to go back to a life consumed by swimming, I was just looking to be a part of a team again and also to get a great workout. The swim club offers just that; the practices are tough but they are only 3 times a week, so there is plenty of time for other things like school and a social life. Another great aspect of the swim club is our community service efforts. We do at least one community service project a month to give back to the Statesboro community. In 2008 we won the community service award and we were all so proud that our efforts were noticed.

This year the swim club was named 2009 “Club Of The Year”  at the Campus Recreation and Intramurals Club Sports Banquet on Sunday April 26. The club of the year award is n1123680047_30163059_126determined by a point system, which is calculated by evaluating different aspects of the clubs behavior and responsibilities. This award was the end to a great season, where the girl’s team places third or better in each of the seven meets and the boy’s team finished sixth or better. The swim club has almost doubled it’s size since first starting going from 30 swimmers in 2007  to about 60 swimmers this year. I’m so proud of this team and am excited for next year’s season!

Read more about the swim club getting the award in the Georgia-Anne.

For more information or to get invovled with this club CLICK HERE!

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Punctuation 101 and How not to do publicity promotions

love-hate1Yesterday in Public  Relations class, we started off class editing a “Dear Tom” letter using only punctuation marks. Professor Nixon divided the class in half; the first half of class was told to edit the letter as if they were in love with tom, and the second half of the class was told to edit it as if they hated tom. We were not allowed to change any words or take any words out of the letter.  It was an interesting assignment, but being in ‘hate tom’ group I began to see how to arrange punctuation marks to create a mean letter. The two groups then read their letters out loud and saw how punctuation can influence tone. Both groups had the exact same letter with the exact same words, but by adding in some periods, commas, question marks, and exclamation marks we came up with two completely different letters. Here is my punctuated ‘hate’ letter, see if you can figure out how to make it a love letter…

Dear Tom, I want a man who know what love is. All about you are generous, kind, and thoughtful people who are not like you. Admit to being useless and inferior! You have ruined me for other men I yearn. For you I have no feelings whatsoever. When we’re apart I can be forever happy. Will you let me be? Yours, Sheila

wkrp2For the remainder of the class we learned a lesson in publicity promotions or more accurately we learned how not to do publicity promotions. Professor Nixon had us watch an episode from the TV show WKRP in Cincinnati. In this episode a clueless radio station manager tries to put on his own publicity stunt that involves throwing live turkeys out of a helicopter. So needless to say the promotion went horribly wrong. You can watch this episode for free on Hulu.


After watching the show we discussed what we learned about how not to do a promotion. This list is also available on Barbara Nixon’s blog:

  1. Communication with your entire team is a must.
  2. Doing research is very important!
  3. Get permission before doing a promotion and reporting it.
  4. Know and understand your market and what is considered news to them.
  5. Always brainstorm ways the promotion could go wrong beforehand.
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Swine Flu Protection Kit?

artnewspapercnnThe outbreak of the Swine Flu in Mexico has sent the U.S. into protection mode. Many people are excessively washing their hands and even wearing protective masks. Are they overreacting or taking the necessary precautions? With a death toll of 149 people so far, I believe people have a right to be alarmed and take every precaution to protect themselves. I read an interesting news release today about a company making specialized swine flu kits to help protect people from this epidemic.

According to a press release on PR Newswire, American Med Tech, Inc. is offering a specially assembled home protection kit for the swine flu based on the natural germ killing power of silver. According to David Phillips, CEO, the problem with washing your hands with normal hand cleaners is that they contain harsh chemicals and your hands may be clean immediately after washing them but the chemicals make your hands vulnerable to infections just minutes afterwards. Silver ions are used in hospitals and on medical equipment to kill germs and viruses non-invasively. These products were first developed as a cure to Molluscum Contagioisum, a highly contagious skin disease.


Dr. Phillips reported, “Swine flu is transferred by touching a contaminated surface and then touching your mouth, nose or eyes. Even touching your hair if it has virus that settled on it and then touching your nose can infect you, so we have protection for your hair, hands, nasal, and oral cavities as well. All our products are made hypo-allergenic.”

American Med Tech, Inc spent all weekend assembling swine flu kits from already existing inventory. The company has about 1,000 kits available now but is working overtime trying to keep up with the expected demand.

I think this is a neat idea, but I can’t decide if these kits are really going to help protect people or if they are just a marketing gimmick taking advantage of this situation. Everyone seems to be on high alert about the swine flu, but is a $200 protection kit really necessary? maybe people will think it’s necessary in Mexico, but for now I think I’m going to stick with my regular anti-bacterial soap.

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Lindsay’s 48 hour of twitter


I commented on Lindsay Addison’s blog post: 48 hours of Twitter on April 27, 2009. She incorporated a funny youtube video and her thoughts on her twitter experience throughout the semester.

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