Posted by: loveleigh | July 20, 2009

Cahir Castle and Swiss Cottage Reflection

On tuesday we went to the Cahir Castle and Swiss cottage. At the Cahir castle we learned a lot about the castle defense strategies which was very interesting.  The Butler family put in a lot of careful thought into defending their castle.  This reminded me of Jonathan Swift’s Gullivers travels because the Liliputians use Gullivers as their own defense system ward off enemies. It kind of puts it into perspective that even though the book and Gullivers adventures are fictional, people are always defending themselves against enemies and use whatever resources they can to do that. The next place we went to was the Swiss Cottage. This house was also owned by the Butler family and i thought it was interesting because this small house contrasted with the huge castle we had just seen. So we were able to see two different sides of this family. One residence was huge and ornate and elegent whereas the swiss cottage was small and very intune with nature.


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