Posted by: loveleigh | July 15, 2009

SOCI 3950: Cashel Reflection

800px-RockOfCashelSummer1986I didn’t go to Cashel last week with the class but I did get a chance to go the week before with my literature class. Honestly, I struggled a lot with the Weber reading we had last week and haven’t fully grasped it yet, so I also struggled trying to find connections between Weber and The Rock of Cashel, but I’m going to try.  During my visit the Dean of Cashel, Reverend Dr. Knowles took us on a tour of the Bolton library and St. John the Baptist Cathedral. It was really interesting to get a tour of the protestant church because in class we discussed the question “why so many rich protestants?” and ironically this protestant church was very plain and not ornate. This was actually brought to my attention in class when a few girls who got a chance to see both the protestant and the catholic church in Cashel compared the two. But it was interesting to me because I do remember sitting in that church looking around thinking how plain it is. After the tour of the church we headed up to the Rock of Cashel and did the tour. During the tour I was overwhelmed by all the history that has taken place there and i found it difficult to remember all of it. Something I did find interesting though was secular to religious transition of the Rock of Cashel. It was first used for as a house, then it became a fort, and then it became a cathedral. and because of this transition I see why it is “used more for power than for prayer.”


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