Posted by: loveleigh | July 15, 2009

Marx and Freud Questions


1. Why has the criticism of religion been completed in Germany?

Criticizing religion is a waste of time because it has already been done.

2. At the end of the search for the supernatural being, what does man find?

himself, his own reflection.

3. What are some phrases Marx usues to define religion?

inverted world conciousness”  “fantastic realization of the human being” ” man makes religion, religion does not make man”

4. Then what is truth?

Truth is what you make it to be because our reality is truth and perception is reality. so we are truth.

5. What dichotomies does Marx present in this passage?

that man is the world, the state, and society.

6. Compare and contrast Plato’s republic the cave.

Its more of a comparison because both Marx and Plato talk all about perception and being aware of your own reality.



1. What is the principle task of civilization?

to defend us against nature.

2. How does nature prove it is not easily vanquished?

by being uncontrollable, and that it can’t be changed by us.

3. With what persona does man associate nature? Why?

God or Evil

4. According to Freud, what is religion in light of psychology?

5. Would man arrive at religious conclusions on his own?

man as in society would arrive to religious conclusions on his own, but a man by himself would not.

6. Why the need for a relation, in this case father relation to nature, that is embodied in religion?

in nature people feel helpless, like a child. so they need that father-child relationship to be more confident.

7. What are three ascertains on which religion is defended?

8. What attempts have been made to evade the problem that religion does not make sense?

because they claim that religion is outside of reason. we behave as if we believe in those things even if we know they don’t make sense.

9. What can save us from these illusions and help us find the true reality that is outside ourselves?


10. Then what should determine morality, if religion is gone?

natural science and reason will provide a firm basis of morality if we didn’t have religion.



1. How has the notion of normal religious people been validated?

through social scientist.

2. What is rational choice?

cost benefit analysis and determining what the benefits are.

3. In terms of christianity, what are the cost benefits and ways to maximize net benefits?

the cost benefits are like being a part of the church just to benefit from the major events like christmas and easter events. but benefits of christianity are like internal salvation.


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