Posted by: loveleigh | July 8, 2009

World Lit: Ardmore Reflection

dunlarge13On Tuesday the first stop we made was to the television station, Nemeton in Ring. This was a neat experience to see how this company is doing their part in trying to keep the Irish language alive. They dub mainly sport events in Irish and even some documentaries. After that we went to the little town of Ardmore. This was the second time i had been, but the weather turned out so much better this time. This is one of my favorite places because its right on the coast and just an all around laid back town. I really enjoyed having that time for myself during St. Declan’s  I really enjoyed learning about all the myths and stories that went with St. Declans rock and St. Declans well. Like if you could crawl underneath the rock backwards then you would never have back problems, but of course seeing the rock you realize that if anyone could fit underneath it they probably don’t have back problems in the first place. And supposedly if you drink the water from St. Declans well then you will have good health for the rest of your life.     The walk itself  along the coast had breath-taking scenery. I could kind of relate it to Othello because being surrounded by water I thought about how water is a recurring motif throughout the play. The end of the walk we ended up at the round tower and St. Declan’s oratory. I thought the walk was a good tribute to his life because it started at the St. Declan’s rock which is where he landed in Ardmore and started his life there and the walk ended at the place he was buried marking the end of his life. In between the beginning and end marked his life because there are the ruins left of where he lived and the amazing scenery he got to take in everyday. So I thought that was a pretty cool tribute to St. Declan. Overall I really enjoyed this town and would not mind going back a third time.


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