Posted by: loveleigh | July 2, 2009

Field Trip to Cashel


On Tuesday we went to the small town of Cashel. The first thing we did when we got there was go to the Bolton Library and the cathedral. I really enjoyed looking around in the library, its kind of mind blowing to think that some of those books are older than our country. This library is also the home to the smallest book in the world, which has the lords prayer in German. This was really neat to see. The Dean then gave us a tour of the Cathedral. I really liked him, he had a great personality and told some fascinating stories. I was really surprised that he let some of our group play the organ.

After hiking up the hill we went to the Rock of Cashel. The view from the top was incredible. We had an interesting tour of through the ruins. It was neat to have read the Confessions of Saint Patrick and then learn more history about him at the Rock. They even had St. Patrick’s rock which had a few silly myths tied to it, like if you hop around it counter clock wise on one foot nine times you will be married within a year. It was really interesting to be up there and learn even more history about St. Patrick.


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