Posted by: loveleigh | April 30, 2009

Swim Club = 2009 “Club Of The Year”

n1123680047_30163107_1763I have been a swimmer since I was a little kid. My parents put me and my siblings on a neighborhood summer league team at age 5 and I have loved it ever since. I started on a year around team when I turned 7 and have been competitively swimming ever since. In high school my life was completely consumed by swimming, practices everyday, meets almost every weekend was the norm for my sister and I. I love swimming but I realized that it had taken over my life, so I decided to retire the racing suit and goggles and enjoy the rest of my high school. I became the head coach for that same neighborhood team I was swimming for since age 5 and loved teaching other kids the basics of swimming. When I arrived at Georgia Southern I saw banners for the swim club and decided to join. I have been a part of the GSU swim club since freshman year and love it.

What I love most about the swim club here at Georgia Southern is the laid back vibe. I didn’t want to go back to a life consumed by swimming, I was just looking to be a part of a team again and also to get a great workout. The swim club offers just that; the practices are tough but they are only 3 times a week, so there is plenty of time for other things like school and a social life. Another great aspect of the swim club is our community service efforts. We do at least one community service project a month to give back to the Statesboro community. In 2008 we won the community service award and we were all so proud that our efforts were noticed.

This year the swim club was named 2009 “Club Of The Year”  at the Campus Recreation and Intramurals Club Sports Banquet on Sunday April 26. The club of the year award is n1123680047_30163059_126determined by a point system, which is calculated by evaluating different aspects of the clubs behavior and responsibilities. This award was the end to a great season, where the girl’s team places third or better in each of the seven meets and the boy’s team finished sixth or better. The swim club has almost doubled it’s size since first starting going from 30 swimmers in 2007  to about 60 swimmers this year. I’m so proud of this team and am excited for next year’s season!

Read more about the swim club getting the award in the Georgia-Anne.

For more information or to get invovled with this club CLICK HERE!


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