Posted by: loveleigh | April 30, 2009

Who Knew PR was such a Popular Topic for TV Episodes?

b0002pys7y01_sclzzzzzzz_1In PRCA 2330 class yesterday we watched an episode from an old 70’s TV show, WKRP in Cincinnati. This episode showed exactly how NOT to put on a publicity promotion. While watching this episode in class, it reminded me of an episode of my favorite TV show Arrested Development. This show is a comedy about a formerly wealthy family, that is completely dysfunctional. After the father of the family was arrested for embezzling money from the family company. The only sane one of the family his son, Michael Bluth, is trying to piece back together his insane family and save the company.

In this particular episode “Arrested Development” :: “Public Relations”, The Bluth family has been getting a lot of bad press in the media. So Michael Bluth hires a publicist in a effort to save the family name. The episode goes through humorous situations where each member of the family is assigned a task to save their image, which of course all go completely wrong. The main problems in this episode however, ironically have to do with the publicist.  She acts completely inappropriate by hitting on Michael Bluth and when he turns her down, she uses her media influence against the family by planting a nasty and critical article about the Bluth family in the newspaper. The publicist obviously breaks many rules in the PRSA Code of Conduct and does not act in a professional manner.

Watch “Arrested Development” :: “Public Relations” for free on Hulu!

This is a very funny episode that raises some ethical questions about PR professionals like:

  1. Do PR professionals have too much power and influence over the media?
  2. How many PR professionals have used their influence in the media to destroy someones reputation?
  3. Are there any legal consequences for PR practitioners keeping them from using their power and influence for their own revenge?


  1. I watched many of the Arrested Development episodes, but never that one. I’ve got it bookmarked now. Thanks!


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