Posted by: loveleigh | April 22, 2009

Even More Tweeting

At the beginning of the semester my public relations professor introduced us to the huge world of twitter. At first I was completely overwhelmed and confused. I had always been an avid facebooker and pretty much did not get the point of twitter. I mean there was no wall on my friends profiles to write on, there were no albums of pictures I could look at….I honestly thought it was boring. But I decided to stick with it. I started following more and more people and found celebrities, news stations, and pr professionals to be really interesting. I continued to stay with twitter all semester, however I would only tweet every other day. So when Dr. Nixon asked us to tweet for 48-hours I saw it as an opportunity to use it more for connecting with other PR people and posting PR news that I had found.twitter1

I have to admit that I’m kind of addicted to twitter now, and I blame Dr. Nixon for that! Just kidding! I now check my twitter continuously throughout the day, and even downloaded Tweetdeck. Tweetdeck makes keeping up with twitter so much easier and it also alerts me for facebook stuff too, I love it. One thing that really surprised me was that the golf tournament, The Masters, actually hired someone to tweet about the masters giving live updates during the entire tournament. It amazes me that twitter has grown so much and has proved to be such a crucial tool in social media. I mean The Masters is prestigious tournament known world-wide and just about every news station and sports station in the world were reporting it and it gets a tremendous amount of publicity every year. Being from Augusta, I follow The Masters religiously. My television was stuck on live coverage of the tournament for the entire week, so I know just how many stations cover it.  But yet The Augusta National still felt the need to hire someone to tweet about it. Its crazy.

I would like to know more about other twitter applications. I love tweetdeck, but I would like to explore other applications like twitterific and twitpic. I have found other PR professionals on twitter that I feel my classmates would benefit from following:

  • @tpemurphy: Tom Murphy’s blog and twitter are usually about the latest in PR, he also blogged and tweeted about the dominos fiasco.
  • @_jenniferlynn_: Jennifer Weiksner is a family friend of mine that I have known since I was a kid, she works for a PR company in Augusta, The Alison Group, so she tweets about her things she’s doing.  She also is a triathlete and tweets about her workouts and races
  • @RiaRomano: I found her on twitter and just found her interesting because she works for an international virtual PR agency. I find it interesting to follow what she does, especially since I have never even heard of a virtual PR agency before.

So throughout my semester of using twitter I have connected with so many different people and learned a lot about social media. I will definitely continue to use twitter, I’m addicted now.

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