Posted by: loveleigh | April 22, 2009

A look inside the PR world straight from the pros


Jeremy Estroff and Lauren Crawford from the company, Three, were kind enough to come speak to my PR class on Wednesday April 15, 2009. Three is a company based in Atlanta that does one-on-one marketing, public relations, and advertising. They have a variety of many different clients including : UPS, Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta, Waffle House, BP, and many others. Both were graduates of Georgia Southern with Public Relations majors. They shared such great advice with my class about what types of jobs we could get with a PR major, what their jobs were like, and how to get a job after college.

Along with a major in PR, Jeremy Estroff minored in graphic design. He is now the art director at Three. He feels that art design is about communication just as much as words are about communication. For example with one of his clients, Shaw Floors, his goal was to  mix high-end fashion with flooring and sell the idea of sexy floors to the media. Jeremy created theme pallets of different types of flooring like tile and carpet that complimented each other. The two pallets he shared with us had a modern theme and a retro theme. Looking at these pallets I thought it was so neat that he created this cool looking pallet out of something kind of boring like flooring, the creativity was amazing.

Lauren Crawford works in advertising for Three. She talked to us about how to get a job when you graduate college. The main tip I learned from her is to start now and gain as much experience as possible before graduating. She explained that employers in the PR field want to see you work, like writing samples, media kits, or anything that you have created. She suggested to write for the Georgia-Anne (Georgia Southerns campus newspaper) or join organizations on campus that do PR or marketing. She also said interning is a must and in this field you have to competitive and motivated to stand out.

I would like to thank both Jeremy and Lauren for speaking to our class. I learned even more about PR and how to prepare for a career in this field.



  1. I agree I learned so much from them about preparing myself for a career in the field of public relations. I am glad we had the opportunity to hear them speak.

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