Posted by: loveleigh | April 14, 2009

Easter/Masters Weekend

wagt_masters_logo1Spring is my favorite season! There is so much to do and the weather is perfect (well most of the time). Last week was a busy week for me, but so much fun. Being from Augusta, attending and watching The Masters is a must. The festivities started early in the week when I went to the Hootie and the Blowfish concert on Tuesday. The annual Rock Fore! Dough concert kicks off the master’s week every year. I then was able to go to The Masters on Friday afternoon. The course was beautiful and it was really fun seeing all the golfers in action. I have to congratulate Angel Cabrera for winning the prestigious green jacket, even though I was pulling for Kenny Perry the whole time.


From Augusta I then drove to Macon to stay with my grandmother for Easter Weekend. We spent the weekend dying eggs with my little cousins and then hiding them for a big Easter egg hunt. I have to say that Easter egg hunts are my favorite part about this holiday. As much fun as I had finding the eggs when I was little, playing the Easter bunny and hiding the eggs was just as fun. I got to walk my little 1 year-old cousin around pointing at the eggs and laughing when she ran over to it and tried to eat it. She was just precious! After a great afternoon of Easter fun, my grandmother took my sister and I to the mall for some shopping. Easter is also the perfect excuse to buy a new dress, which of course leads to buying new shoes to go with the new dress. We were so wiped out by Saturday’s festivities that we just came back to the house and passed out. The next morning we woke up early and put on our new dresses getting ready to go to church and celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Isn’t that what this holiday is all about? Seeing family and friends is good, indulging in all the colorful candies is even better, but celebrating the fact that Jesus Christ has risen and is alive and well, was the most amazing part of this weekend.


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