Posted by: loveleigh | April 5, 2009

The Impact of Advertising Slogans

In class on Monday March 30, 2009, Dr. Nixon started class off with giving us a crossword puzzle about advertising slogans. I started working on this puzzle the same as I start any other crossword puzzle, skimming the clues and filling in the easiest ones first. “Just do it” from Nike and “It gives you wings”  from Red Bull are just a few of the ones I knew off the bat. However, as I filled in more and more answers I realized I didn’t know as many slogans as I thought it did. One of the slogans that stumped me was “Tastes great, less filling” from Miller lite.  I really enjoyed this activity because it showed me and the class how much we are impacted by advertisements and their catchy slogans.

My favorite commercials are ones with catchy songs like Frosted Flakes using Tony the Tiger. I used to walk around the house singing ” Hey Tony, I like the things you do…” theme song. Even though they don’t use that song anymore, I can still sing every word.  Advertising slogans usually last a long time and are remembered for an even longer time. For example Taco Bell has a few memorable slogans like “Where’s the beef” and who could forget the chihuahua who had everyone quoting “yo quiero taco bell” which is still one of my favorite commercials (you can watch them here on Youtube). We still remember Taco Bell’s old slogans as well as the new one “Think outside the bun.” This proves that catchy slogans are an important part of the communication process in PR campaigns because these slogans are short and repeated many times, making them more memorable to the audience.


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