Posted by: loveleigh | March 27, 2009

Ch. 4: PR Departments vs. Firms…

Most organizations have a public relations department, however most do not refer to it as “public relations.” Other names of these departments include: corporate communications, public affairs, marketing communications, community relations, and many more names are commonly used.

Public relations firms are found in every industrialized nation and most of the developing world.  They range from one to two person operations to global giants such as Webershandwick. The United States has the world’s most public relations firms with an estimated 7,000 companies

The Pro’s and Con’s of Corporate PR and a PR Firm:

Corporate PR.

  • slower paced
  • more resources usually available
  • benefits are really good
  • more opportunities are available
  • less intense daily pressure so you can emphasis on accomplishing longer-term results
  • same client all the time so you can get to know the organization well but it can become boring
  • jobs are more difficult to find without experience
  • little variety at entry level
  • growth is sometimes limited

PR Firm.

  • lots of variety
  • fast-paced and exciting
  • easier to network with other professionals which can lead to a better job
  • learn other skills, such as how to do presentations and budgets and establish deadlines
  • intense daily pressure and high productivity
  • higher employment turnover
  • salary is traditionally low at entry level
  • budgets and resources can be limited

This information has been provided by Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics (9th edition) by Dennis L. Wilcox and Glen T. Cameron


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