Posted by: loveleigh | March 3, 2009

Job Interview Tips…

ikea-job-interview1How to be ready for a job interview:

1. Research the company

  • what the company does
  • the people that work there
  • other company locations
  • history of the company, if it is declining or growing

2.  Kinds of interviews

  • Traditional – with one person
  • Panel – always answer the person who asks the question but look at everyone
  • Behavioral – they ask you what you would do in a certain situation. Use CAR = Circumstance, Action, Results
  • Over the Phone or Web cam – dress as you would for a regular interview.

3.  What to wear

  • A suit or a skirt and jacket is best
  • Shoes should be clean and comfortable
  • Overall, tone down your look
  • No unusual piercings

4.  Body language

  • Shake hands firmly with only one hand
  • Good eye contact – look away occasionally, its creepy to stare.
  • Posture – straight and tall looks more confident
  • Focus
  • Cross legs at the ankle, not the knee
  • Make sure to have more than one pen

5. Ask Questions

  • Write out questions beforehand
  • Avoid self-centered questions like ‘how much will i be making?’
  • Some good questions are : Why is this position open? How did you get started in this company? How will my performance be measured? What else can i provide to help you make your decision? When can i expect to hear from you about the next stage of this process?

6. Follow up

  • Send an e-mail thank-you as soon as the interview is over
  • Also send a handwritten thank-you in the mail


  1. I loved how you broke up the tips so they were in order, this made it really easy to follow! I also like how you included the different types of interviews! Good Post!

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