Posted by: loveleigh | February 4, 2009

The Evolution of PR…

In our groups on monday i learned some interesting information on the evolution of PR.  I’ve always thought PR to be a modern thing, but i found out that public relations goes way back Julius Ceasar and the Roman Empire. That took me by suprise. I also learned alot about the pioneers of PR, specifically Edward Bernays, the ‘father of public relation’, and his many successful campaigns. I really enjoyed his Ivory Soap campaign where he came up with the idea of sponsoring soap sculture contests for school aged children in order to promote Proctor & Gamble’s ivory soap. This campaign became wildly successful with 22 million schoolchildren participating in the contests within the first year, thats creativity at its best!

Even though PR was started long ago it didn’t really become a popular profession until after World War II. By 1960, the U.S. Census counted 23,870 men and 7,271 women working in PR. In the PR world of today, i found that the once male-dominated profession has transformed into a female-dominated profession. By 2000 women make up 70% of this profession. I think this is very interesting and wanted to know why this shift happened. Dr. Nixon made a good point in class as to why this is, women tend to have more communication skills than men and we also are better listeners, which helps in a client-based profession. I also learned that in the next 50 years that PR is going to have to cater to a more multi-cultural society which is valuable information to learn considering i will be in this profession during that time.  I learned alot from our PR groups and am getting more prepared for my career everyday.


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