Posted by: loveleigh | February 3, 2009


For the past week i’ve been posting updates on twitter and learning how to use the social networking tool. I have to admit at first i didn’t really like it because it was confusing and i wasn’t quite sure how to use it. but after spending time on twitter i finally figured it out, and really see how helpful it is.

I have over 50 followers and am following about 70 people on this new social media site. I found twitter to be very helpful in many ways. For example its helping me get in touch with PR people that have posted information about PR internships, and PR news. I can definitely see how twitter will help out in my future and right now. I know that a key to getting a good job is through networking and knowing the right people and twitter makes networking yourself so much easier and am so glad Dr. Nixon showed us how to use this social media site!

I have also found twitter to be very entertaining, i follow offbeat news and most of those stories are hilarious. I found myself checking their twitter page everyday to see the new posts. I follow various celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Spears. I love checking their post because like most of america i have this crazy obsession with celebrity lives. Lately i’ve been checking my twitter many times a day so i think i will definitely keep my twitter page!



  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about our One Week of Twitter assignment. I’m glad that you see the power of Twitter for PR professionals.

    What’s the Twitter username for offbeat news? That’s something I’m interested in, too.

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